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Are you looking for a one-off professional clean?

Commercial Caretakers of Macclesfield are happy to provide you with not just our excellent regular cleaning service, but a one-off cleaning service as well. You might be a landlord looking for a post-tenant clean or a home owner wanting to do a big spring clean. Our team of friendly, punctual and polite staff are ready and waiting to come to your aid!

Our team are just the people you need to call when you have a one off cleaning job and either it's too big for you or you'd like the luxury of leaving it to the professionals. We'll send you one (or more) of our excellent team who'll be able to provide you with exactly what you're looking for.

Helpful, friendly and well trained.

For the best cleaning from the professionals call

01565 652 550

With 20 years' experience we are proud of both our excellent results and expert staff. We're happy to come and clean any of the following;

• Offices

• Common staff areas

• Bathrooms

• Showrooms

• Pubs

• Hotels

• Clubs

• Schools

• Shops

• Sports centres

• Banks

• Private homes

Experience and results.

We understand that letting a stranger into your business could feel a little awkward and unsettling, that's why all our staff are polite, friendly & punctual and work exclusively for us. That means no agency staff, excellent references, no criminal records and full public liability insurance. This means that when a Commercial Caretakers cleaner comes to you, you can relax and feel completely at ease.


Why not give us a call or drop us an email today and find out what we can offer you?

Staff you can trust.

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