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Thorough expert post-tenant cleans.

When a tenant leaves your property you've got a million and one jobs to do to fill it as quickly as possible. No one wants an empty flat, house or other property for long. That's the time to call Commercial Caretakers and let us take that stressful task away from you.

You're going to want this job doing as quickly and professionally as possible which is where we come in. With 20 years' experience and trustworthy well trained staff we guarantee a speedy turn around and 100% satisfaction with our work. We can clean anything from a small flat to a large commercial premises.

Speed and reliability.

To discuss what we can offer you call today on

01565 652 550

With the best will in the world, not all properties are left as we would hope to find them as landlords or tenants. With our years of experience our team are trained in reactive cleaning and have the best equipment.


You want your property to be at its best when potential new tenants see it for the first time; and as a tenant you want your full deposit back. We will ensure it's left and found clean and ready to welcome new tenants. Why not have a look at our gallery to see examples of our work?

Landlords and tenants.

All staff sent out to your property work exclusively for us; we don't use agency staff. This ensures rigorous training, reliability and full public insurance liability cover. All have excellent references and no criminal records.


We are happy to offer this service as a one-off clean or you can retain us on a regular clean contract. Call or email today and discuss your needs and our excellent rates with one of our team.

Professional staff.

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