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Do you need our services regularly?




Here at Commercial Caretakers we know that you want a reliable and hassle free cleaning service. We can provide you with a professional regular cleaner (or cleaners) who will come and do what you need when you need it doing. We offer office cleaners, post-tenant cleaners and commercial cleaners to businesses and homes.

Our reliable and polite staff all work exclusively for us in the south Manchester region so you don't need to worry about agency staff or absences which will be covered by us. You'll get a cleaner just for you who is managed and supervised by ourselves, leaving you to relax. Give us a call and find out how reasonably priced and convenient we are.

Whilst we're happy to provide you with a regular, well trained, professional cleaner we understand that you may only need our services as a one-off clean. Give us a call or email and find out how we can help.

Our regular cleaning service obviously offers office cleaning. Whether you're a big corporate giant or a small, busy local firm we can offer the service you're looking for. Call or email us today for more information.

Do you need a professional thorough post-tenant clean before you leave your current property or find a new tenant? Commercial Caretakers can do that job for you at a very competitive rate. Call or email today.